Design and production of exclusive artistic trophies.

Corporate elements for companies and institutions, personalized pieces for events.

Tailor-made projects, original designs, creativity in abundance.

Craftsmanship with an artist’s finishing touch.

A lot of experience in obtaining, through fluid dialogue with the client, solutions that fit their needs.

Aluminum, ceramic (own ceramic oven), bronze, wood, steel, 3d …


Kutxa, Castilla La Mancha Community, Elkargi, Caf, El Correo, Aeg, Guggenheim, Hipodromo San Sebastian… City Halls: Mislata, Hernani, Segura, Urnieta, Andoain. Restaurants: Mugaritz, Alameda, Ni Neu, Bodegon Alejandro, Fagollaga, Atxega.

Federations: Bertsolaris, Remo, Bolos.

Colleges. Private Businesses.

Design and production of an artistic trophy in cast aluminum for Elkargi.

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