NFT,3d scanning and printing service


If you need to obtain a 3D file of an object, sculpture, and its physical prototype, I can offer you this service. I have two own scanners and a 3d printer. Experience in various software of the 3D environment.

3d scanning is used to capture the geometry of physical objects, in this way a three-dimensional digital file is obtained with the mesh of points of the scanned objects, from this digital 3d model its geometry can be modified and / or printed in 3d to scale. Depending on the object to be scanned, I have two types of 3d scanners:

  • For small / medium objects I use the structured light HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3. Its precision is high.
  • For medium / large objects I use the Sense scanner capable of scanning from a person, to a vehicle or a room. Its precision is medium.

Once the 3D file is obtained, I can print it on my Voladora NX HD TUMAKER printer.

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